It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with resources and information overload working in tech nowadays. There are so many books that people recommend or used to recommend. Over time, a lot of them get a bit… outdated. What books are still fresh and useful in 2022?

I’m a bit of a book enthusiast. I love books, but let’s admit it - the pace I read them at is much slower than the pace I tend to buy them in. I still have the rule to finish any book I’ve started reading. I broke that rule twice after trying to read those books for years. When it comes to tech books, it also means that I’ve read some “classics” in tech. It also means that I’ve cringed more than once seeing some of those books still recommended by others in 2022. So, let me share five of my favourites (not going to overwhelm you) that I think are still more than relevant today (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).

Best Books to Read Collage for Techies in 2022
Best Books to Read for Techies in 2022

Best Tech Practices

“Accelerate: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations” by Nicole Forsgren, PhD, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim

What makes or breaks a high-performing team? This book presents the findings of the DevOps survey and includes case studies from successful companies. It’s full of great tips, including the well-respected 4 key metrics - the metrics that can motivate the teams to improve. Still not sure if to read it or not? Start with the smallest step possible: read my thorough summary of “Accelerate” with the biggest learnings I’ve had.


“Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value” by Melissa Perri

There’s no success in tech if we’re not building the right product to begin with. A lot of companies fall into so-called “build traps”: a vicious cycle of trying to catch up with their competitors. Anyone who has worked in tech for at least a bit may have witnessed questionable product building practices, and, well, it’s time for us all to learn the differences between POs and PMs, and what good product practices look like. This book is so beloved by me that I recommend it to every product (and not only) professional out there.


“Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity” by Kim Scott

I’ve had this book on my to-read list for a while. Once I started, I quickly understood the praise it was getting. “Radical Candor” not only presents a concept for communication that every company/team (and even person!) should embrace, but also it’s full of applicable tips and relatable stories. Read it and learn how to be a better leader, and… a better human.

Building Quality Software

“A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps” by Katrina Clokie

I know, I know… Testing may not sound like a very “hot” tech topic, yet it should be! Good testing practices provide us with confidence and support in creating great products. There are lots of testing myths that we need to bust and unlearning to do, though. In this book, Katrina Clokie explains well what modern testing is, and it’s the one book on testing I’d recommend to all testing (and not only) professionals to must-read. Forget those old testing books - you need this one. Time to learn how to test in the times of DevOps.

Diversity & Inclusion

“How to Be an Inclusive Leader: Creating Trust, Cooperation, and Community Across Differences” by Jennifer Brown

There’s a saying that “with great power comes great responsibility”, and that’s why I believe empathetic leadership and ethics have to play a big part in tech. The more inclusive teams we have, the better products we can build. The topic of Diversity & Inclusion has been often used as a selling point for the companies without them fully embracing it. What is it actually? How can we do a better job in D&I? Check out this book to understand more about the spectrum of knowledge you can have, yourself, and others. For a shorter read, you could also start with my “Inclusion matters” series.